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(IGN) Fortnite Secret Skirmish Competition

  18.01.2019   popngame   News   No comments

This February, Epic Games will hold a special invitational tournament for Fortnite. The event will have $500,000 on the line, taking place at an undisclosed location and featuring some of

(GameInformer) Ubisoft Apologizes for Assassin’s Creed DLC

  17.01.2019   popngame   News   No comments

Many fans are unhappy with the choices Ubisoft made in their Origins DLC for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and Ubisoft is actually apologizing. The DLC results in the player’s character being

(GameInformer) Dragon Ball Z RPG Announced

  16.01.2019   popngame   News   No comments

Bandai Namco has announced that they are beginning work on a brand new Dragon Ball Z action RPG game this year. The game is currently under the title of Project

(Polygon) Fortnite Patch Fixes Issues, Adds New Content

  15.01.2019   popngame   News   No comments

The first big Fortnite update of the year is now live, bringing some long-requested fixes and some new weapons. Players can now automatically access low walls for better ground building,

(Polygon) Data Miners Find SNES Titles Coming to Nintendo Online

  14.01.2019   popngame   News   No comments

A data miner has tweeted that he found a hefty list of SNES game titles within the code for the NES lineup of Nintendo Online. This list includes classics such

(GamesRadar) What We Know About Persona 5 R

  12.01.2019   popngame   News   No comments

Even before it was teased, fans were spreading rumors about something called Persona 5 R. At the end of 2018, we received confirmation that it exists, but still very little

(Polygon) Resident Evil 2 Remake 30 Minute Demo

  11.01.2019   popngame   News   No comments

Capcom has launched their 1-Shot Demo of the upcoming Resident Evil 2 Remake that allows players to sample the game for 30 minutes only. The demo is available on Xbox

(GameInformer) Final Fantasy Switch Release Dates

  10.01.2019   popngame   News   No comments

Nintendo revealed in their September Direct that multiple Final Fantasy ports would be coming to Switch, and they’ve now announced some release dates via Twitter. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

(GameInformer) Release Dates for Yoshi’s Crafted World and Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn

  9.01.2019   popngame   News   No comments

Nintendo has revealed that the previously announced Yoshi’s Crafted World will release for Switch on March 29. Also announced was that Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn, an enhanced 3DS port of

(Polygon) Fortnite Update Adds Silenced Sniper

  8.01.2019   popngame   News   No comments

The newest Fortnite content update brings the new Silenced Sniper Rifle, and also removes all other versions of the burst rifle and returns Dual Pistols to the game. The X-4