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(Kotaku) New Bioshock In Development

  9.12.2019   popngame   News   No comments

2K games is forming a new studio called “Cloud Chamber.” Cloud Chamber will have a California studio as well as a Canadian studio and will be developing a new Bioshock

(GameInformer) More SNES Titles Come to Switch Online

  6.12.2019   popngame   News   No comments

In the newest Nintendo Switch update, a new crop of SNES games were added to the playable selection included with the Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Most notably, Super Punch-Out!! Kirby

(IGN) Sony Expresses Disinterest in the Handheld Market

  4.12.2019   popngame   News   No comments

In an interview with GameInformer, Sony CEO Jim Ryan remarked that there were no plans for another portable handheld console. Ryan expressed that Sony was proud of the technology behind

(Gematsu) Persona 5 Royal Release Date May Have Leaked

  2.12.2019   popngame   News   No comments

Listings have appeared in Asian PlayStation Stores for an English/Chinese version of Persona 5 Royal available on February 20. Atlus is planning to officially reveal the release date for the

(GamesRadar) PS5 May Use Samsung SSD

  25.11.2019   popngame   News   No comments

In Samsung’s forum, they’ve mentioned that their SSDs will be featured in “consumer gaming consoles” in 2020. Since it’s been previously confirmed that the PS5 will feature an SSD, this

(GamesRadar) Modern Warfare Patch Brings New Mode

  22.11.2019   popngame   News   No comments

In the newly released patch notes for Modern Warfare, it was revealed that the “Gun Game” Mode will be returning, along with other fixes and updates. Gun Game upgrades players

(Polygon) Subscriptions Added to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

  20.11.2019   popngame   News   No comments

Nintendo has released a new paid subscription service for their mobile title Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The service offers features that can help play parts of the game, and offers

(IGN) Potential PS5 Controller Patents

  18.11.2019   popngame   News   No comments

A new patent was filed by Sony for a controller design that’s most likely the PS5 controller. The design closely resembles the current DualShock 4 Controller, but adds wider grips

(GamesRadar) DualShock Support for xCloud

  15.11.2019   popngame   News   No comments

Microsoft has announced that their upcoming game-streaming platform xCloud will support Playstation’s DualShock controller peripheral. This follows a recent trend of Microsoft’s cross-compatibility efforts. Read more in this article from

(IGN) Witcher Season 2 Confirmed for Netflix

  13.11.2019   popngame   News   No comments

The highly-anticipated live action adaptation of The Witcher video games is set to premier on Netflix December 20, but the show has already been renewed for a second season. The