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(Kotaku) Game Awards Recap

  8.12.2018   popngame   News   No comments

This past Thursday was the 2018 Game Awards. Along with many winners in a variety of categories, new gaming reveals were abundant. Far Cry New Dawn is a new entry

Persona 5 x Smash

  7.12.2018   popngame   News   No comments

At the Game Awards yesterday, Nintendo revealed the first upcoming DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Starting off with a Persona 5 cinematic, the new trailer video unfolded to

(Polygon) Trainer Battles in Pokémon Go!

  6.12.2018   popngame   News   No comments

Pokémon Go! is finally getting its long awaited multiplayer mode, and it’s looking quite substantial. Trainers can battle other trainers both locally and online, as well as compete in leagues.

(GameInformer) Fortnite Creative Mode

  5.12.2018   popngame   News   No comments

A new mode is coming to Fortnite that will allow players to build their own custom island maps and play on them. The mode launches on December 13th, unless you’re

(Polygon) Battlefield V Update Delayed

  4.12.2018   popngame   News   No comments

Battlefield V’s upcoming Overture update, adding new single player and multiplayer content, has been delayed. According to EA DICE “The team has discovered an issue with the Chapter 1: Overture

(GameInformer) Battlefield V Adds Tanks

  3.12.2018   popngame   News   No comments

Debuting this week in Battlefield V’s “Tides of War” is the first Chapter known as Overture. This features a new single player mission about a lone German tank driver, a

(GameInformer) PUBG x Resident Evil

  2.12.2018   popngame   News   No comments

On the last day of the finals of a PUBG event, the PUBG Mobile Twitter account released a teaser for a crossover with Resident Evil. The video highlights moments from

(GamesRadar) Red Dead Redemption II Online Open to Everyone

  30.11.2018   popngame   News   No comments

All Red Dead Redemption II players are now welcome to play the new Online Multiplayer as announced by Rockstar Games. Despite past difficulties with Rockstar’s Online Modes, RDRII has been

(GameInformer) Nintendo Eases on Content Creator Restrictions

  29.11.2018   popngame   News   No comments

Nintendo has become infamous for limiting the use of their intellectual properties, including their resistance to share funds with video content creators using Nintendo game footage. This resulted in the

(GameInformer) New Patents for a Sony Cartridge

  27.11.2018   popngame   News   No comments

In South Korea, a patent by Sony for an “electronic game cartridge” has been published. Filed last year and only made public as of now, little is known about this