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Fire Emblem Protagonist Rounds Up Smash’s First DLC Set

  17.01.2020   popngame   News   No comments

In yesterday’s Nintendo Direct Presentation, Smash Bros. Director Masahiro Sakurai revealed and demonstrated Byleth, the avatar character from Fire Emblem Three Houses, as the final DLC coming to Fighter Pass

(GamesRadar) Next Smash Ultimate DLC Character Revealing Tomorrow

  15.01.2020   popngame   News   No comments

Nintendo has announced a 35-minute Smash Bros. Direct Presentation which will reveal the final Fighter’s Pass DLC character and likely much more upcoming Smash info as well. The Direct will

(Polygon) AGDQ 2020 Raises Over $3 Million

  13.01.2020   popngame   News   No comments

Last week’s Awesome Games Done Quick Speedrunning Marathon broke records, raising $3.13 million in total for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The next GDQ event, Summer Games Done Quick, will start

(GameInformer) 2 New Expansions Coming to Pokémon

  10.01.2020   popngame   News   No comments

In yesterday’s Pokémon Direct, two new DLC expansion packs were revealed, adding new areas, Pokémon, characters, and features to Sword and Shield. One area is the Isle of Armor, with

(GameInformer) New Pokémon Direct

  8.01.2020   popngame   News   No comments

Nintendo has announced that there will be a Pokémon Direct Presentation featuring 20 minutes of news this Thursday at 9:30am EST. The content of the presentation is unknown but fans

(Polygon) A New Switch Model May Release This Year

  6.01.2020   popngame   News   No comments

Multiple sources report that an upgraded Nintendo Switch Console will release sometime in 2020. The console is reported to have a magnesium alloy body and upgraded CPU. Read more in

(Polygon) Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Leaks

  3.01.2020   popngame   News   No comments

The game files of a Final Fantasy 7 Remake have leaked, and data miners have found some interesting textures that were not shown off at E3. The full game will

(GamesRadar) Next Gen Console Specs Leaked

  1.01.2020   popngame   News   No comments

A leak from AMD’s testing labs reveals potential power specifications of the Xbox Series X and PS5. According to the leak, the Xbox will edge out the PS5 in terms

(Polygon) The Witcher Game Sees Increased Popularity After Netflix Show

  30.12.2019   popngame   News   No comments

More people have been playing The Witcher 3 on Steam than ever before, even compared to its 2015 release. This recent success is largely due to the Netflix series based

(Polygon) New PlayStation Controller Patent

  27.12.2019   popngame   News   No comments

Sony was just approved for a new controller patent. The design is very similar to the current DualShock 4, but features 2 new buttons on the back that are speculated