Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition (PS5)

Crazy Chicken Shooter Edition (PS5)

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Get ready, aim, and shoot Moorhun through the ages! Experience two games combined in one bundle. Play in single-player or multiplayer and shoot those crazy chickens!

Crazy Chicken: Wanted

Howdy Partner, welcome to the Wild West. It's chaos in Gun City. Bandit chickens chased the previous sheriff out of town. In this once quiet town, no one is safe anymore. You are the new sheriff and it is up to you to restore peace and order by taking out all the enemy chickens.

Crazy Chicken: Remake

The original Moorhuhn, probably the craziest and most famous chicken in the world, is back and the hunting season is open! Become the chicken hunter, and shoot chickens as the image moves from left to right, and look for power-ups. The harder the chickens are to hit, the more points they are worth!

  • Different Game Modes - Play in single player, shoot as many chickens as possible to get the most points to break your record. In 1 vs. 1 Duel 2 players compete at the same time to hunt more chickens than the opponent, within 90 seconds. In local multiplayer, 2-4 players take turns to see who can shoot faster and more accurately!
  • Speed ​​- Choose one of three speed options for maximum results
  • Leaderboard - Beat your own top score or compete against friends and players from all over the world for the top position in the leaderboards
  • Online/Offline - Play how and when you want. No internet connection is required to play. Only for when you want to register your score on the worldwide leaderboards and to see scores from other players

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