Biggest Loser, The (NDS)

Biggest Loser, The (NDS)

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Based on the highly rated NBC show, The Biggest Loser interactive fitness game features the expertise of personal trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels who help you transform your life through diet and exercise.

  • Advanced DSi camera, Internet and Facebook functionality that allows you to share your progress with the world (not available via the Nintendo DS).
  • Get health and exercise tips from Bob and Jillian, as well as former contestants, throughout this interactive fitness game companion.
  • Get nutrition and calorie information on thousands of foods, as well as items from today’s most popular restaurants.
  • Learn how to eat healthier with recipes from The Biggest Loser Electronic Cookbook.
  • Exercise routines allow you to select from warm up, upper or lower body, core, cardio or cool down routines to help you meet your fitness goals wherever you are.

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