Dora's Big Birthday Adventure (PS2)

Dora's Big Birthday Adventure (PS2)

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Dora the Explorer: Dora's Big Birthday Adventure is an action game for PlayStation 2 in which your child is tasked with helping Dora Marquez, star of the Nick Jr. cable animated series "Dora the Explorer," and her pal, Boots the Monkey, find their way to a birthday party thrown in Dora's honor. Along the players will have to avoid obstacles, use in-game jumping, climbing and swimming skills and even find and ride a unicorn. Additional features include multiplayer help functionality that allows parents to join the game when their child is stuck and authentic voice talent from the TV show.

  • Help Dora find her way home by jumping, climbing, swinging and sliding through exciting levels ranging from the Dancing Forest to Wizzle Mountain
  • Tap, drag, trace, shout and scribble on the DS as you float in a bubble across Dragon Lake, ride a unicorn over the rainbow.
  • Based on Dora's Big Birthday Adventure prime-time event and features authentic voice talent from the TV show
  • Grown- ups can join using the Helper Feature and a second controller
  • On Wii and PS2, take control of Boots when Dora needs his help to squeeze places she cant fit

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