Dynasty Tactics (PS2)

Dynasty Tactics (PS2)

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Experience the thrill of battle and learn the art of warfare with Dynasty Tactics. Set during the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China, the game lets you play as one of three leaders--Liu Bei, Cao Cao, or Sun Ce. Each officer possesses unique attacks--such as Charge, Ambush, and Fire--which you can use on the battlefield alongside your armies. Your decisions make the story. Will you stay true to history or create an entirely new world?

  • Fire attacks! Rockslides! Ambushes! Unleash tactical combos to devastate your opponent!
  • Build vast armies to conquer 60 cities! Play as one of three great heroes: Liu Bei, Cao Cao, or Sun Ce
  • Create your own three kingdoms saga! Multiple story paths and endings
  • Full-scale combat is masterfully re-created using cinematic quality effects

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