Eye Toy Operation Spy (PS2)

Eye Toy Operation Spy (PS2)

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The Strategic Intelligence Agency has recruited you as their top secret spy. Your mission: capture a network of master criminals. Enter the daring world of covert operations with EyeToy: Operation Spy! Master the art of espionage as the EyeToy USB Camera (for PlayStation 2) puts you on the TV and gives your body movement full control over the action. With this high-tech gear, you can be the ultimate spy!

  • Jump into the game as you play training modules, earning important spy skills
  • Multiple mini-games that test your abilities at code breaking, sky diving, device disposal and criminal profiling
  • Go into Surveillance Mode, where you'll spy on people and record what they are doing with the EyeToy - monitor rooms, trigger playback of pre-recorded messages and establish perimeters in specific areas

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