Dragon Ball Super TCG: Final Radiance Starter Deck [DBS-SD23]

Dragon Ball Super TCG: Final Radiance Starter Deck [DBS-SD23]


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Looking for a way to take your Dragon Ball Super Card Game experience to the next level? Look no further than the Zenkai Series Set 05! This latest release is packed with new powerful cards and characters, ready to help you unleash your inner warrior and dominate the game.

A new card type has been added to the Z-Cards in the Zenkai series! They're called "Z-Extras"! They feature new horizontal designs based on techniques and scenes never before seen in DBSCG! Multitudes of effects can be activated on just a single card, giving your games dramatic battles!

With this pre-made 58-card starter deck you can get right into the action of Dragon Ball’s exciting TCG, grab yours today!

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