Gardening Mama (NDS)

Gardening Mama (NDS)

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Cooking Mama's stepped out of her kitchen and into the backyard for some gardening fun with Mother Nature! Join Mama from the award-winning, multi-million selling Cooking Mama franchise as she grows, harvests and enjoys a huge variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers in the first ever gardening game.

  • Everyone's favorite Mama from the best-selling Cooking Mama series stars in the brand's first offshoot
  • Gameplay in Gardening Mama is very similar to Cooking Mama gameplay--use the stylus as your master garden tool to nuture 35 different flowers, fruit trees and vegetables. Plant, water, fertilize, prune, eliminate pests and then harvest what you've grown!
  • Growing live products means that you may experience unexpected results based on your care--flowers can bloom different colors, fruit trees can grow different fruits, etc.
  • Multiple modes of play include: Let's Get Growing!; Decorate the Garden!; Make it Fancy!; Cute Treasure Chest; Let's Play Together.

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