Tony Hawk's Motion (NDS)

Tony Hawk's Motion (NDS)

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Twist, tilt and turn to play your way through the most dynamic Nintendo DS experience ever thanks to 'The Motion Pack.' Feel the exhilaration of board sports in Tony Hawk's Motion or paint the world with 'Hue: Pixel Painter.' Bonus Game - Hue: Pixel Painter The vicious Drabs have sucked the colour out of your world leaving your home a barren wasteland. It is up to you - Hue - to restore colour and life back to your world before it falls into an eternal grey sleep. Control the loveable Hue in his colourful adventures by sliding, and moving your DS to link together paint wells and paint the world. Bring colour back into the world one element at a time. Restore the level to full colour and dimension as you transform still, barren wastelands into living landscapes! But be careful, the vicious Drabs stand in your way.

  • Built For The DS From The Ground Up - Plug in for a whole new way to play. 'The Motion Pack' seamlessly fits into the GBA slot turning your DS into a motion sensing controller
  • Intuitive Motion Based Controls - Now anyone can play! Simply twist, tilt and turn the DS to control all of the action
  • Innovative Motion-Based Controls - Intuitive motion control lets you feel each turn and move like the pros! Tilt the DS to turn, balance grinds and throw down huge spins
  • Dual Sport Action - Skateboard or Snowboard! Experience the thrills of skateboarding and snowboarding as you shred epic action sports locations ranging from Zermatt to Dubai
  • Unparalleled Action Sports Variety - Challenge yourself in over 20 addictive mini-challenges! Test your balance with grind challenges like Rail Hopper or enjoy past challenges like Hawk-Man. Tony Hawk's Motion offers non-stop action and replay-ability
  • Exclusive Music By J. Period! - Hard thumping beats and smooth tempos will mix up the flow to your style of play
  • Learn From The Legends - Legendary pros Tony Hawk and Todd Richards guide you every step of the way

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