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Nerf Legends
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Nerf Legends


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Nerf legends thrusts you into a futuristic, sci-fi world where you'll come face-to-face with legions of robot enemies and ultimate boss Masters. Armed with a wide array of NERF blasters based on their iconic, real-world counterparts, you'll thwart formidable enemies while being challenged to pull off the most impressive high-flying trick shots across a series of unique and immersive environments. Are your NERF skills up to the challenge to become the ultimate NERF Legend?

  • Extreme Games Meet NERF set in out-of-this world locations such as Fortress Siege, Jungle Trouble, ragnarok, and Spaceport Blastoff
  • 15 Authentic NERF Blasters across the Mega, Ultra and Elite lines. Plus upgradable perks and skins to customize your blaster
  • 19 Single player levels with tournament courses
  • 4 vs 4, 8 player free for all with online multiplayer modes
  • Collect dart powerups such as magnetic push and pull, seeker darts and freeze to change the tide of battles

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