Jak and Daxter: Lost Frontier (PS2)

Jak and Daxter: Lost Frontier (PS2)

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ak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier is a single player action platformer for PlayStation 2. Packed with classic Jak and Daxter action, in it players can expect action and puzzle based platforming set both in the air and on land, open-ended mission gameplay, multiple classes of air vehicles that can be used both as transport and in dogfights, customizable "Eco" skills and a new powerful weapon, the Gunstaff.

  • Wreak destruction with the Gunstaff: a new weapon that also transforms into the Shockwave Concussor, Blaster, Vulcan Fury and Peace Maker.
  • All new Jak and Daxter adventure that takes place after the conclusion of the original trilogy.
  • Classic Jak and Daxter action platforming adventure that has players navigating through new zones in the air and on the land, get to grips with new Eco powers.
  • Take control of five different planes each with its own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Open ended game play allows players to choose between critical missions and optional missions in order to gather additional modifications and Eco.

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