Jimmy Neutron Attack Of The Twonkies (PS2)

Jimmy Neutron Attack Of The Twonkies (PS2)

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Jimmy Neutron: Attack Of the Twonkies brings the latest adventures of the world's smartest genius to your Playstation 2! Experience the fun of the hit cartoon as Jimmy brings a stowaway home from his latest trip to space. At first the little alien is cute but it quickly multiplies into a force for destruction. Help Jimmy stop it from devouring the town!

  • Revolutionary Invention System will allow players to collect every day objects and combine them to create over 26 gizmos, 11 inventions, and 4 super inventions
  • 6 episodes spanning 15 levels including Jimmy’s Lab, Twonkus-3, The Neighborhood, Downtown, Retroland and the Final Showdown
  • Secret gizmos hidden in each level give Jimmy Neutron enhanced power-ups

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