Lupin the 3rd: Treasure of the Sorcerer King (PS2)

Lupin the 3rd: Treasure of the Sorcerer King (PS2)

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Fantastic heists, impossible escapes and busty brunettes - all in a day's work for everyone's favorite thief! The hunt is on! King Randolph II - The Sorcerer King, has hidden an enormous fortune deep within his castle, and it's yours for the taking! As Lupin, use stealth, disguises and your natural charm to pull-off the ultimate heist. You and your band of cohorts must solve puzzles and gather clues along the way, but watch out for Interpol Inspector Zenigata, and the lovely Fujiko - she might steal more than your heart! Play as ladies' man Lupin, gun-toting Jigen or sword-wielding samurai Goemon! Featuring original CGI cut scenes with voice-overs performed by the actual TV actors! Successfully complete the ultimate heist to unlock the multi-mode mini-game!

  • In this exciting adventure, you'll help Lupin & his friends reach the legendary Sorceror King's palace and steal its golden treasures
  • Use multiple disguises & stealth options, to solve puzzles and get past traps & obstacles
  • Communicate with your team -- Lupin, Jigen, Goemon or Fujiko -- to get them past dangers and collect clues
  • Play as any member of the team - but watch out because Fujiko will try to steal Lupin's heart, among other things
  • Multiple mini-games to unlock for extra playing time

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