Major League Baseball 2K11 (PS2)

Major League Baseball 2K11 (PS2)

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Take yourself out to the ballgame or, perhaps, you want to stay indoors. MLB 2K11 shifts baseball from a spectator sport and places you inside the game. You're the team boss and you're responsible for selecting players and figuring strategies to get to and win the World Series. If you wish, you can bat, pitch, and field. With greater AI and graphics, you're really beyond a virtual ballgame. You're at the stadium but as an insider. Major League Baseball 2K11 is your ticket to a season of fun and excitement.

The groundbreaking $1 Million Perfect Came Challenge is back. Featuring Right Stick pitching & hitting and a revamped fielding system, MLB 2K11 is the only baseball game deep enough to put $1 million on the line. Perfect YOUR game.

  • Franchise & Season - Build a championship franchise from the ground up over the course of several seasons, or take the reins of a perennial contender and aim for the World Series in year one.
  • Play Online - Take your skills online and play against the best gamers in the 2K Sports community.
  • Home Run Derby - Swing for the fences against the league's top sluggers
  • Manager Showdown - Think you're a master baseball strategist Prove it by setting your lineup, naming your starting pitcher and making all the right moves to guide your team to victory.
  • Situation Mode - Choose a custom situation and jump to that exact moment of the game.

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