Monster Hunter (PS2)

Monster Hunter (PS2)

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Hunt or be Hunted!

In Monster Hunter, you can create any kind of look for your hunter that you want. Select from a wide variety of options for name, gender, face, hairstyle, hair color, and voice. Model it after yourself, or let your imagination run wild. Once you have finished creating your character, you'll be transported to your very own house in the village. The village chief will have quests waiting just for you.

Hunters can either be blademasters or gunners, depending on the weapon equipped. You can take one weapon on a quest, and top notch have a stock of weapons for different kinds of quests.

  • Multiple online and offline gameplay options - Play with up to four friends and hunt monsters together, or meet up with online players in Village Lobbies to team up on missions
  • Explore richly detailed and diverse environments that will have you marveling at your surroundings
  • Modify your main character -- change various attributes like name, gender, hairstyle, face, and voice
  • Create and design your own equipment from monster claws, scales and other materials
  • Upgradeable artillery like swords and cannons

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