Musashi: Samurai Legends (PS2)

Musashi: Samurai Legends (PS2)

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Musashi: Samurai Legend helps the legend live on, as you experience Musashi's latest journey! Called across space & time, Musashi mus save Princess Mycella and the Mystics to return home. But he's not alone -- with help from an eccentric but brilliant martial arts master, Musashi will become the greatest samurai ever known. With an entire world to save, he has his work cut out for him!

  • Slice through hordes of unusual enemies -- wacky things like voltrabots, ninjaroids, and arachnukes
  • Innovative manga shading system draws colorful comic art images & objects in realistic 3D
  • Talented voice acting brings the characters to life
  • Electrifying theme song performed by the Surf Coasters

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