Nanobreaker (PS2)

Nanobreaker (PS2)

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From the award-winning creator of Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, comes an all new fast-paced 3D action game. In Nano Breaker's futuristic world, nano technology was originally developed to enrich humankind, but the nanomachines suddenly went awry. The machines began to harvest the blood of humans and the iron of buildings in an effort to construct an army of monster machines. In order to combat this threat, players must slash their way through hordes of enemy units to save the world from apocalypse. Featuring a main character that wields a powerful shape-shifting Plasma Blade, players assume the role of the lone hero, who must defend mankind from the deadly nanomachines.

  • Intense hack and slash 3D action with hordes of enemy units
  • Transformable Plasma Blade offers a myriad of attacks
  • Combo based fighting system with simple and expert techniques
  • Multiple gameplay modes, including Story and Time Attack

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