Phantom Brave (PS2)

Phantom Brave (PS2)

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From the makers of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and featuring some similarities in design and strategic gameplay. Called a spiritual sequel to Disgaia by the creators, the game features an epic storyline populated with characters drawn up by designer Takehito Harada. The game takes place on Ghost Island, a place swarming with phantoms. Marone, a 13-year-old girl resides her with a ghost friend named Ash. Marone has the power to control specters and ghosts, who help her solve cases and earn a living. The game has an old-school, but detailed 2D presentation, randomized dungeons for infinite exploration, and a unique item system that has players carry items over their head to earn status upgrades.

  • Phantoms and items can be made stronger in the mortal world, through Fusion -- combines them into powerful allies and mighty weapons; for example, bind a phantom in a tree and it gets tree-like powers, etc.
  • No grid structure -- travel freely across the map, capturing key points along the way
  • Experience 20 heart-warming episodes spread over 100 hours of game play
  • Create and customize the jobs of your soldiers with over 400 different skills and magical spells

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