Primal (PS2)

Primal (PS2)

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The battle to save the outside world starts within as Jen Tate -a modern day girl- faces the demons of an immortal world and discovers her own supernatural origin. In Oblivion, there are four distant realms each occupied by a demon race. Two are aligned with order and two with chaos. But the scales of balance are thrown, and chaos is engulfing Oblivion.As Jen, you'll assume a host of savage demon forms, each with their own unique powers and abilities. Engage legions of enemies with a dramatic combat system including devastating combos, finishing moves and stealth attacks. And along the way, you'll meet Scree, an ancient and powerful ally. Switch between Jen and Scree at any time, but pick wisely. An intricate weave of plot and multiple sub-plots will have you spiraling through a world driven by exploration, puzzle-solving, combat and story. It's a world so convincing, you will question your own mortality.

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