Robotech: Invasion (PS2)

Robotech: Invasion (PS2)

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In the 21st century, humankind was freed from the confines of the solar system through the discovery of an alien technology known as Robotech. Contact with the stars also brought war with the Invid, a race of parasitic aliens bent on conquering and transforming the Earth into their new home world. Now it is up to the battle hardened survivors of the Robotech Expedition to lead the way for one final attempt to liberate the Earth from the Invid Invaders!

  • Multiple thrilling, high-speed and intense alien battles -- Hive raids, gang confrontations, protoculture searches and more
  • Control advanced Cyclone vehicles with realistic momentum, balance and traction
  • Sophisticated enemy AI with different behavior patterns for each enemy type
  • Parallel scenarios - Playing as the 2nd character reveals a new perspective and plot details
  • Split-screen and online play -- up to 8 players can fight the invasion online

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