RTX Red Rock (PS2)

RTX Red Rock (PS2)

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RTX: Red Rock is set one hundred years from now, when brutal alien invaders have captured Red Rock, our colony on Mars. Military leaders summon a Radical Tactics Expert (RTX), specially trained in the art of one-man warfare to settle the score. That's you--Wheeler, a samurai of the future. Using your synthetic arm and special eye sensor with enhanced capabilities, you will battle across Martian deserts, through ruined outposts and into the interior of alien ships. All you've got for company in your digital assistant, over a dozen exotic weapons and a variety of robots that you can control. It's the ultimate adventure on the farthest frontier.

  • Control Any Robots You Find, Drive Martian Rovers, And Fly Alien Spacecraft.
  • Your Synthetic Arm Includes a Grenade Launcher, Grappling Hook, Plasma Torch, And More....
  • Your Enhanced Eye Allows You To See In 4 Unique Vision Modes.

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