Virtua Quest (PS2)

Virtua Quest (PS2)

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Virtua Quest is a unique action role-playing game that brings back the classic Virtua Fighter characters in a most unexpected way. In the future, there's only one place left to find hidden treasure - online. Young Sei is an aspiring treasure hunter, looking for valuable data chips he can exchange for cash. But other treasure hunters are disappearing, and Sei starts looking into it. To protect himself from the danger he finds, he'll study the moves of legendary warriors from the past called the Virtua Fighters.

  • Game features traditional RPG elements including cinematic sequences, health points, and experience levels
  • More than 45 special fighting moves acquired from Virtua Souls empower players with complex fighting moves
  • Use Sei's Wire to swing to new areas, capture enemies or chain together devastating combos
  • Collect data chips and then trade them in to power-up your character
  • Great cinema breaks will fill you in on the background of the story, while you train and improve

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