Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends (PS3)

Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends (PS3)

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The Dynasty Warriors series let you step into the shoes of the greatest generals in Ancient China. In this Tactical Action game players can enjoy the thrill of taking down thousands of enemies and become the greatest hero in Chinese history. Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends is a stand-alone expansion that supercharges the world of Dynasty Warriors 7 with many different enhancements.

  • New characters join the battle!: Brand new characters Guo Jia & Wang Yi as well as returning hero Pang De bolster the ranks of Wei kingdom.
  • Secret Weapons: New ultra-powerful versions of Dynasty Warriors 7 weapons can be unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions in the game.
  • The new "Legend Mode": Newly implemented “Legend Mode” allows players to tackle battles from both the past Dynasty Warriors series and brand new scenarios with all their favorite characters.
  • Challenge Mode: The Challenge Mode allows players to tackle various missions that allow them to fight for world-wide rankings.
  • Remix: With this game, by reading in the original Dynasty Warriors 7 disc, the player will be able to experience a powered-up version of the original Dynasty Warriors 7 Story mode and Conquest mode.
  • Supercharges the world of the original Dynasty Warriors 7
  • Witness the return of the hero, Pang De, and meet brand-new characters like Guo Jia and Wang Yi

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