High Velocity Bowling (PS3)

High Velocity Bowling (PS3)

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Meet the High Velocity Bowlers! Each High Velocity Bowler has their own zany unique personality, skill-set, and attributes for high flying fun. Use the Move controller to simulate a genuine bowling swing with real lane environments, providing a truly next-gen bowling game.

  • Supports 3D and PlayStation Move functionality
  • Online Head-to-Head Play and Voice Chat
  • Over 20 unique playable characters, each with a themed alley and custom ball
  • 15 Ball Packs, 4 Trick Shot Packs and 2 Costume Packs
  • Challenge Mode - Progress through tournaments, matches, and trick shot showmanship. Trophy Room - View all the trophies, rings, and patches you've accumulated. Online Leaderboards - See how your bowling skills stack up to the competition.

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