Trials Fusion (PS4)

Trials Fusion (PS4)

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RedLynx's popular physics-based motocross series returns with sparkling visuals, new social gaming features, and more user-created chaos in Trials Fusion. Players once again guide motorbikes, ATVs, or bicycles through dozens of obstacle-filled 2D courses set in a futuristic 3D world, with the goal of reaching the finish line as quickly as possible without crashing. The new FMX trick system lets gamers perform physics-based tricks, each of the game's built-in levels contains three hidden challenges, and creative gamers can use more than 1,000 assets to design and share custom courses.

Trials Fusion offers asynchronous multiplayer races with friend leaderboards and ghost racers, as well as local multiplayer action for up to four, and links to the first mobile game in the series, Trials Frontier. The developers were inspired by the consistent updates of other popular online communities like Minecraft, and decided to offer a Season Pass option that will, for a price, grant gamers access to no fewer than six planned expansions.

  • Race through dozens of futuristic courses full of obstacles and explosions
  • Use the new FMX system to pull off physics-based stunts and earn higher scores
  • Take on three friends in local multiplayer action or race against their ghosts
  • Use the built-in track editor to create and share custom courses

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