Aegis Defenders LIMITED RUN games (Switch)

Aegis Defenders LIMITED RUN games (Switch)

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Team up with a friend as ruinhunters to explore the charming environments of Aegis Defenders for Nintendo Switch. This role-playing game lets you apply tower defense strategies to save your village from destruction. Aegis Defenders challenges you to overcome different obstacles in search of the legendary weapon known as Aegis.
Explore, build, and defend in this unique mash-up of action-platformer and tower defense strategy. You play as a team of ruinhunters searching for the one thing that can save their village

Explore - Discover a beautiful place lost to time, brimming with dangerous beasts, forgotten ruins, and powerful relics

Build - Switch between four different characters at any time, each with their own unique, upgradeable arsenals

Defend - Each of 18 expansive levels concludes in a Tower Defense Battle - adapt your strategy to evolving challenges

Protect yourself against a huge wave of enemies using an arsenal of more than 20 different turrets and traps

Find a legendary weapon known as Aegis

For one to two players

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