Disney Magical World 2 Enchanted Edition (Nintendo Switch)

Disney Magical World 2 Enchanted Edition (Nintendo Switch)

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Live your dream life in Disney Magical World 2 alongside fan-favorite Disney characters! Adventure with Elsa and Olaf from Disney Frozen, dance with Disney Princesses, soar with Mickey in Magical Dream parades, and more while snapping photos to share your memories. The magic is in your hands, so use your wand to solve a ghostly mystery along the way!

Explore six different Disney-themed worlds from classics like Disney Frozen, Disney The Little Mermaid, and Walt Disney Lilo & Stitch. You can harvest a field with Winnie the Pooh, fish with Donald Duck, mine with the Seven Dwarves, explore ghost-filled dungeons for treasures, and more! On your journey, you'll discover the magical town of Castleton, where you'll live amongst classic Disney characters. Shop with Daisy, Minnie, and others to build and buy hundreds of Disney-themed items. You can customize amazing outfits and even decorate your dream home and Cafe. Ready to make a memory? Then dance at the Enchanted Ball or throw a Cafe Party with your new Disney friends!

  • 6 Disney Worlds - All your favorite characters that you can discover through portals: Frozen, Snow White
  • Discover the area - Travel to new worlds, interact with different residents of Castleton and unlock new accessories!
  • Dungeons to defeat - Come test your fieriness, help residents of Castleton and win gems to use at the castle!
  • Thousands of customizations - Make your best avatar in the game – you can even customize your clothes! Gather materials to craft new accessories, furniture, clothes or delicious food!
  • Run your own café - Make sure that you satisfy all Disney habitants! Use your earning to decorate even more your place. Embellish your own house with furniture made from materials you've collected!

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