Instant Sports Tennis (Switch)

Instant Sports Tennis (Switch)

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Instant Sports Tennis is an innovative and fun way to play tennis with your family and friends. Play with motion gaming and move your Joy-Cons just as a tennis racket!

Challenge elements with storms on the field, smash walls in an Arkanoid-ish play style, master the gravity… and don’t forget to work your lesson with the Maths mini-game.

Play with up to 4 players simultaneously, smashes, lobes, the field type is now having an impact on the gameplay, 10 challenging and entirely new mini-games.

Instant Sports Tennis is the most complete casual and arcade game dedicated to tennis on Nintendo Switch.

  • 4 Game Modes
  • 15 Different fields
  • 10 Mini games: Tornado, Arkanoid, Gravity, Bombo, Maths, Target and much more!
  • 19 Characters
  • Career mode with 29 levels, and even boss fights
  • Hundreds of customisations for your players

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