Journey To The Savage Planet (Switch)

Journey To The Savage Planet (Switch)

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Welcome to the pioneer program! As the newest recruit of kindred aerospace – the 4TH best interstellar space exploration company – your job is to determine if the planet ary-26 is fit for humans. You may be short on equipment and experience, but good luck!

  • 2-PLAYER ONLINE CO-OP: Play solo or bring a friend. Onward to adventure!
  • UPGRADE TO ADVANCE: Access new areas by upgrading your tools including a laser pistol, a rocket pack for boost jumps, rocket boots for swift descents and more. Your trusty 3D printer will turn any old space trash you discover into useful items!
  • EXPLORE, FIGHT & CATALOG: Survey 4 different Biomes on Planet AR-Y 26. Scan and catalog alien flora and fauna at your own pace. Discover 30+ creatures, each with unique behaviors, threats, and abilities. Complete player-driven quests while uncovering hundreds of collectibles and secrets along the way
  • UNCOVER THE MYSTERY: Are you truly alone? Solve the mystery to complete your survey of the planet

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