Miitopia (Switch)

Miitopia (Switch)

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Star in a hilarious adventure alongside your family and friends!

Cast your friends, family, or anyone you choose in a comedy-filled adventure to bring down the face-stealing Dark Lord! Create and customize Mii™ characters, assign them roles, and watch them come to life. Laugh along as your best friend and dear old grandma team up in the fantasy adventure of a lifetime!

Have a blast with new features—including an adorable horse pal, wigs and makeup, and more

  • Customize a cast of Mii characters - Create unique Mii characters of anyone you’d like—from your best friend to your grumpy uncle—and assign them roles
  • Have fun as a team - In the world of Miitopia, relationships are key. Spend time with allies to become a close-knit team that helps each other out. If you can’t get along, your quest may suffer for it!
  • Help wanted - Check out some of the jobs you can assign to members of your team! There are plenty more to discover, too
  • Stable friendship - Whether you need a friend, confidant, or brawler, your trusty horse can do it all! Enlist this four-hoofed wonder on your journey and foster its friendships with the rest of your team. You can even customize its mane, tail, saddle, body type, and more
  • Adventure awaits - Be sure to keep an eye out for exciting and helpful opportunities around the kingdom. You never know what you’ll find!
  • Bring your buds into battle - Teamwork makes the dream work! Duke it out together in turn-based encounters on your way to defeating the face-snatching Dark Lord
  • Better than ever - Revisit this side-splitting adventure on the Nintendo Switch system with all-new fun!

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