Below Steelbook Edition (PS4)

Below Steelbook Edition (PS4)


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Test your mettle against The Isle’s procedural subterranean labyrinths. Explore an interconnected underworld crawling with cunning wildlife and deadly traps while stalked by a shadowy presence. Survive the perils of The Depths and unearth what lies below... or die trying.. BELOW is a procedural terrarium filled with life, mystery, and death.

  • Explore the vast, procedurally generated subterranean underworld of The Isle: a dangerous, unfathomable deep.
  • Choose your path through a labyrinth crawling with deadly monstrosities, traps,and hazardous environments
  • Survive The Depths of BELOW, a treacherous world alive with flora & fauna. Scavenge materials and harvest ingredients to create life-saving remedies or useful survival tools.
  • Discover secret areas, finding hidden passageways and unraveling the deepest mysteries hidden in the darkness.
  • English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, and Spanish (Spain) in-game text.

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