Die After Sunset (PS5)

Die After Sunset (PS5)


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The year is 2120. An alien race called the ‘Murkors’ have invaded every corner of the earth with their unrivaled power and…rubber duck hats. The resistance holds out to prevent the extinction of humanity, but not for long. It’s up to you as a defender of Earth to level up and take on the murkor hordes… before the sun sets.

No run is ever the same in this action-packed, adrenaline-fueled roguelite shooter. Start in a new location every time you play, complete randomized quests, strengthen yourself with items you collect, and take on gigantic bosses at the end of each level.

  • Pick between three vastly unique characters to start your run with. Each character comes equipped with a standard primary weapon and special attack. Choose wisely between sharp-shooter April, half-man-half-cyborg, machine-gun wielding Rido and… Hune, a murkor experiment gone wrong
  • You will be met with murkors shortly after spawning into Waikiki Beach. Be alert, defender… and FIGHT IN THE LIGHT. Murkors draw their power from the shadows, growing in size and strength. Strategically position yourself so the sun is always beaming down on you, and your enemies
  • Open chests and complete missions to power up and equip new weapons. Collect as much as you can before the sun sets to give you the best possible chance in fighting murkor bosses. Items can give you anything from the ability to double jump, to a weapon like the refreshing ray – which is not-so refreshing for the murkors
  • Collect ‘Mucus’ dropped by Murkors as they are defeated - this will become the currency you can bank. With ‘Mucus’ in the bank you can progress level-trees and make yourself stronger on every run. That’s right, defender… Death is not the end for you!

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