Mayhem Brawler (PS5)

Mayhem Brawler (PS5)


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With comic book-style art and rocking soundtracks, Mayhem Brawler offers a unique experience that you can tackle solo or as a co-op with friends while defining the next step in the story with your choices. The PS5 edition includes the celebrated “Witchcraft” update, introducing an exciting new mode and a new playable character.

  • NEW PLAYABLE HERO - The Alley Witch brings with her a new way to play the game, casting powerful magical blasts across the screen and hitting enemies far away from her. Once unlocked, she is playable in all modes and levels!
  • TO PROTECT AND SERVE - While answering a routine call on a patrol, Dolphin, Star and Trouble -the most popular officers of the super-powered law enforcement agency, Stronghold- find themselves in a sequence of events that will alter the fate of the entire city
  • EXCESSIVE FORCE - Let’s get one thing straight; if you ever think that a day in the life of a super-powered law enforcer is easy, you couldn’t be more wrong, as there are greater threats than street gangs in urban fantasy themed Mayhem Brawler. Using your arsenal of combos and special abilities, you and your co-op teammates should make life miserable for those super-powered criminals, defend yourself from the fury of werewolves, resist the hexes of street wizards and confront the megacorp led by vampire houses that enforce their goons to do their dirty deeds
  • THE MAYHEM UNIVERSE - Comic book inspired hand-drawn backgrounds and frame-by-frame animations coupled with a rocking soundtrack will deliver a jolt of adrenaline to your controller. With the choices you make, you will shape the flow of the story and finally reach one of the three different endings in Mayhem Brawler universe, where each corner has a story to tell

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