Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles (NDS)

Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles (NDS)

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Hone your detective skills by interviewing witnesses, uncovering clues, and following leads, all helping to bring you closer to the truth in this interactive digital novel. New from Aksys Games, Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles offers the latest technology in a growing genre of games that focus on fantastic storytelling and character development. Jake Hunter works more than your trigger finger -- it tests your powers of deduction and reasoning. As Detective Jake Hunter, you'll experience three unique murder mysteries:

Episode 1: The Petty Murder of a Fragile Heart
A murder has taken place in Aspicio City's peaceful Central Park. Jake's longtime friend, Detective Scott Kingsley, implores Jake to help solve the case. Can Jake uncover the killer's true motive?

Episode 2: Seaside City Conspiracy
On a quiet night, Jake gets a call out of the blue as a hysterical man pleads with Jake to find his girlfriend in the harbor city of Depono. What seemed to be a routine missing persons case, will lead him down a dark path of deception.

Episode 3: Crash and Burn
A story about love, betrayal and death in the fast lane. Jake Hunter's skills will be put to the test, as he attempts to solve a murder case at the top racing circuit in Ceteri, where rivals, ex-lovers and friends are all suspects.

To crack the cases and progress in the game, you'll need to search for clues, talk to witnesses, and find the right line of questioning.

  • Interactive digital novel focuses on fantastic storytelling and character development
  • Hone detective skills by interviewing witnesses, uncovering clues, and following leads
  • Explore fictional cities of Ceteri, Depono and Aspicio City
  • Tests powers of deduction and reasoning
  • 3 unique murder mysteries to experience

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