SD Gundam Force (PS2)

SD Gundam Force (PS2)

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SD Gundam Force allows you to play as a number of characters from the TV series. Become a defender of Neotopia -- where the humans and robots live together in peace. An evil force known as the Dark Axis has brought chaos through a mysterious ancient force, and it's up to the SD Gundam Force to stop it!

  • Choose from multiple Gundam suits and prepare to battle strange, powerful robot enemies
  • Rescue Shute from the Dimension Halo and destroy this evil empire from the past
  • Featuring characters from the hit TV series -- play as Captain Gundam, Zero the Winged Knight or Musha Bakunetsumaru
  • Fight off the Dark Axis with the help of your weapons and hyper-charged attacks
  • Exciting combat in advanced environments

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