Syphon Filter: Omega Strain w/sleeve (PS2)

Syphon Filter: Omega Strain w/sleeve (PS2)

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This next installment of Syphon Filter takes everything you've loved about the series to the next level. Battle through this intense, international story with four-player cooperative, peer-to-peer online play (requires PS2 Network Adapter)! Features a bevy of high-tech, lethal weaponry at your disposal, lush, detailed environments for surrounding gameplay and a deep character customization feature.

  • Create your characters, with a host of customizable options -- the character you create will be a new recruit training under Logan
  • Stop terrorists from destroying a mall, taking out a SWAT team and carrying the injured to safety
  • Work through puzzle elements and use strategy to think ahead, when picking up weapons -- the game challenges your mind and your reflexes
  • Vast options for cooperative play -- multiple solo missions combined with two-person gameplay
  • Online play with nine fantastic multiplayer levels - Lay down cover fire while your teammates go in after the terrorists

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