Tenchu: Fatal Shadows (PS2)

Tenchu: Fatal Shadows (PS2)

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In search of her mentor, the ninja Ayame stumbles upon a burning village. Along with fellow ninja Rin, Ayame must employ ancient skills--such as supervision, wall-running, and enemy freeze--to determine who is responsible for this crime. In Fatal Shadows, you can play as either Ayame or Rin in three gameplay modes. This time, though, you can kill multiple enemies at once, as well as move bodies and hide underwater to avoid detection. Additionally, you can pick up a variety of new weapons and items.

  • Two playable characters - returning heroine Ayame and newcomer Rin, each with unique fighting styles
  • Cutting-edge graphics - the Tenchu world has never looked so good
  • Slain enemies can be hidden (and found), increasing the need for strategic planning
  • Both characters feature all-new moves, including enhanced stealth kills and the ability to breathe and move underwater using wind reeds

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