Zatch Bell! Momodo Fury (PS2)

Zatch Bell! Momodo Fury (PS2)

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Zatch Bell!: Mamodo Fury brings the action of the hit anime, Zatch Bell, to your PS2! Every 1000 years one hundred mamodo come to Earth to battle for the title of "king of the mamodo world". Zatch Bell, and his human friend Kiyo have formed a special bond that enables Zatch Bell to unleash incredible powers. Together, they must fight other mamodo-human teams who want to claim the title of "king of the mamodo world" for themselves.

  • Play as your favorite team - 20 different playable teams to choose from. Control both mamodo and human characters
  • Lots of unlockables - Discover the many unlockable features Zatch and his friends have to offer
  • More gameplay modes - Choose from 3 game play modes including Story Mode, VS Mode and Arcade Mode
  • The TV show come to life - Play in environments faithful to the TV series. Featuring voice acting by the U.S. TV show cast
  • 4-player multiplayer action - Explore with and battle against 3 of your friends simultaneously

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