Resistance 2 Greatest Hits (PS3)

Resistance 2 Greatest Hits (PS3)

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Resistance 2 will deliver unprecedented console gaming breakthroughs with a stand-alone eight-player, class-based online co-op campaign (up to 8 players) and 60-player online competitive multiplayer. An epic single-player campaign will feature a new weapons arsenal to combat giant boss encounters that increase the scale of the conflict to new heights. And players will enjoy a new level of community support.

  • Epic single-player campaign featuring large-scale battles with huge bosses
  • Breakthrough class-based co-op campaign with parallel storyline and supporting up to 8 online and 2 offline
  • The largest competitive multiplayer action on the ps3 with up to 60 player online
  • Innovative Social networking and online community action via groun-breaking portal site.

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