Dreams (PS4)

Dreams (PS4)

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If you can imagine it, you can create it

Explore and play inside people’s dreams – and create and share your own – in a seamless and open-ended space of creativity and endless possibilities.

Crafted by multi award winners Media Molecule exclusively for PS4™, Dreams delves into the studio’s boundless passion forinnovation, revolution and fun experiences.

  • What is Dreams? Discover how you can turn anything in your imagination into reality with this run through of the basics in Dreams
  • Art’s dream – explore Dreams’ story mode Jump into the very different worlds of Art, D-Bug, Frances, Foxy and Lancewing, as Dreams’ story mode unfolds before you
  • Dream Shaping – creating an environment find out how quick and easy it is to design a beautiful and explorable landscape
  • Dream Shaping – creating a level Bring your brilliant video game ideas to life in no time at all, with Dreams’ speedy and intuitive design tools

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