Drive Club (Greatest Hits) (PS4)

Drive Club (Greatest Hits) (PS4)

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With high hopes and aspirations, Evolution Studios presents what they believe to be the evolution of console racing. In the PS4 exclusive, DRIVECLUB is created specifically with next-gen social connectivity in mind wherein, much like its name, the idea is to form a club and become elite drivers famous via sheer skill.

  • Creating and Joining a Club - With FPSes, it's a clan - with racing games, it's a club. By forming an online social network of 5 friends, every individual achievement adds value to your club; by uniting and coordinating races and goals, drive your team to the top of the global leaderboards! The feeling of showing up to a race with fully customized Club cars.
  • The Faceoff Mechanic - This is the biggest sell of DRIVECLUB. Unlike other racing games where the only winner is the one who crosses the finish line, Faceoffs act to bring more to each race. Constant and variable challenges appear within each race such as who has the tightest drift, who can handle a chicane flawlessly, and all of your driving data is recorded and kept for posterity.
  • Hyper-Realism - With stunning real-world locations based on actual NASA data as well as the weather that accompanies each race, one of the big components is the choice of where and when you'll race. Everything minute detail is customizable, and each of these factors will affect the physics of each race. Rained and snowed out roads my force drivers to change strategies towards aggressive drifting; day to night races makes for intense moments when visibility starts to fade.

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