Garou (Fatal Fury) Mark of the Wolves (Yellow Cover) (PS4)

Garou (Fatal Fury) Mark of the Wolves (Yellow Cover) (PS4)

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'GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES' finally comes back to PlayStation®4!

Rock Howard has been invited by the Heinlein Family to the 'King of Fighters' tournament which has not been held since his father Geese Howard passed away nearly a decade earlier. The young protagonist enters the tournament without hesitation in order to find out the truth about his mother...

Pick a fighter from the 12 (+2) characters available, and fight your way via the “T.O.P. System”, “Just Defended”, and “Breaking” new battle mechanics in the 'King of Fighters: Maximum Mayhem' tournament, held this time in 'Second Southtown'.

Defy the best GAROU rivals worldwide via Online Mode, and await online matches while honing your skills via multiplayer's Practice Mode. Enjoy the game's nostalgic arts via the brand new 'Gallery' mode, and set your favorite character's tune / sound options anytime via the Main Menu.

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