Mana-Khemia: Student Alliance (PSP)

Mana-Khemia: Student Alliance (PSP)

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Mana Khemia: Student Alliance is a Simulation RPG set amidst a prestigious school of alchemy, the Al- Revis Academy. On campus, players take the role of a new student who must master the arts of alchemy and social interaction.

  • Players must interact with classmates and professors who are both human and not-so-human to solve the mysteries of magic and alchemy. Depending on who you choose to team up with the outcome of the story will change.
  • Complete missions assigned by your professor or risk detention.
  • Personalize your characters by “crafting” new skillseven create new characters such as warriors and magicians. Craft items from healing potions to swords and more!
  • An all-new co-op mode lets up to two players team up to battle monsters and uncover rare items on academy-assigned “quests.”

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