Hyperparasite (Switch)

Hyperparasite (Switch)

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Your Enemies Are Your Extra Lives

With World War III nearing its end, the people of Earth are just beginning to catch their breath when yet another menace appears. This time the threat is global: a parasitic alien organism that can possess human beings and use their abilities to wreak unfathomable havoc. No one knows the whereabouts of this dangerous invader except you… because YOU are the HyperParasite!

HyperParasite is a relentless top-down twin-stick shooter that’s different every time you play it. Your ability to discard one human host and take control of another means that the possibilities are practically limitless—each character type has different strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and weapons.

  • Players can inhabit any of 60 different human hosts and use their weapons / special abilities
  • Multiple character classes with different stats
  • Procedurally generated levels with different gameplay objectives and secrets, ensuring high replayability
  • Shared-screen 2P cooperative gameplay
  • Nostalgic 3D pixelated art style with absurdly bright neon colors
  • Set in a world inspired by the roaring ’80s with a dash of dystopia

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